Massive Rat Found

Check out the size of this Rat!!

This giant rat was found by gas workers in London

Rat populations are growing and growing. Rodents are building up resistance to common poison baits. With the general human population trying to control rodents themselves, small amounts of poison just aren’t doing the job anymore. Rodents eat small amounts, but not enough to kill them, thus each generation of rodent is getting more and more tolerant to these common rodent poisons. Add to this the ever present human food waste, and an abundance of hiding places in metro and urban areas, we see a perfect environment for rodents to breed.

Hopefully we don’t see them this size in Australia!!

Massive Rat

Don’t DIY

As professional Pest Control Technicians we are able to obtain the next generation of Rodent control products and we also have the gear to do the job properly and safely. Rodent baits can be poisonous to pets and humans if not handled correctly. Don’t put your loved ones at risk by doing it yourself.

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