New Rodent Bait Product Launch

MUSKIL RODENT BAITMuskil Rodent bait

On Monday we attended the launch of a new and innovative product from Ensystex.

Ensystex is a world leader in Pest Management products, and continues to develop and implement innovative products to the market.

Muskil is the latest development and is a new safer Rodenticide.

  • Muskil kills rats and mice faster than other rodenticides.
  • Palatability is optimised to rodent’s sense of sight, smell and taste.
  • First rodenticide in Australia to include Fluorescent tracking.

This product has great benefits for both our residential and commercial clients, with a faster kill of Rats and Mice. The fluorescent tracking makes it easy to identify areas where rodents gain entry to buildings and also track possible contamination of food preparation areas.

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