Mosquito control

mosquitoTake back your home!

Everyone knows how annoying Mosquitoes can be. Sometimes no amount of mosquito coils can stop the influx of stings and bites.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your Spring and Summer fun. Get rid of them now!

We have had many requests in the recent weeks for Mosquito control, especially in the Jimboomba and New Beith areas.

The picturesque backdrops of creeks, dams and forest hides a breeding ground for Mosquitoes. The council or respective authority usually do what they can to stop the mosquitoes breeding in these areas, but often the influx of adult mosquitoes into peoples homes remains constant.

We recently carried out a service on a house in Jimboomba Woods where the family couldn’t even step outside without being swamped by stings from Mosquitoes. Luckily help was at hand and we could carry out a service to control the vast infestation of Mosquitoes. The family was able to use there BBQ area for the first time since moving in and the kids could play in the backyard without getting stung.

Mosquito treatment overview. 


  • Safe for you and your pets
  • Reduce the risk of diseases like Dengue fever and Ross River fever
  • Create a barrier around your home to get rid of Mosquitoes
  • Safe, leaves no odour or visible residue
  • Enjoy your backyard again and start entertaining
  • No more mozzies!
  • Using specialised equipment, we create a  “TREATED ZONE” around your home. The treatment takes about 24-48 hours to begin to take effect and lasts for up to 6 months.  You will see a 90% reduction in just two to three weeks

If Mosquitoes are taking a bite out of your fun in the backyard. Give us a call for a free quote and assessment.

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