Rodent Control Experts

We have been focusing a fair portion of our activities lately on rodent and pest control to our local businesses. To be trusted by some of the larger companies in the Scenic Rim and South East Queensland area is a real feather in our cap. Furthurmore have proven that we can mix it with the big pest companies when it comes to commercial pest & rodent control. This has been due to our ability to meet all the OH&S requirements and quality assurance standards puts us right up there with the big boys. As a result of meeting these expectations we have had a great increase in businesses requiring our services.

We can offer a great service to our clients

  • Direct contact with the business owner.
  • friendly customer service and knowledgeable staff
  • High level of Quality assurance and a focus on safety
  • Safe effective products certified for food premises
  • Onsite reporting
  • Free pest control audit for businesses

Call us to safely take care of your home or business 0409395901


Here is Michael checking some Rodent stations at one of our bigger premises.


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