Pest Control Spiders

Time to spray for spiders.spider-web-photo

Spiders are on the move! Only yesterday we serviced a house starting to get inundated with Redback spiders. With the warm weather and a predicted hot summer, conditions for spiders are primed.

A Redback spider can nest under your furniture and on your childrens toys, they love all those nooks and crannies . Garages are a favorite hiding spot for these lethal intruders. It’s a great time to de-clutter and remove all those hiding places. Removing your grass clippings and also check and clean your outdoor furniture are good ways to help prevent spiders nesting.

Everyone hates walking into a spider web. Amusing for your friends no doubt, as they watch you waving your arms about like an angry chimp. Then afterwards spending 5 minutes making sure there isn’t anything crawling inside your shirt, ahh the joy!

Help is here!

Get ready for summer and stave off the spider infestation by having a Spider control service carried out on your home.

We have single or combined services to suit your needs. Our combined services can include a Termite inspection, Termite treatment,  Insect control (spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, etc) Rodent control and more.

Safe and effective control of Pests and Termites around your home.

We use only APVMA approved products and only as the label dictates. Quality assured and long lasting results.

Call us for a thorough spider control service. 1300858991






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