Trelona Termite Baiting System

Scenic Rim Pest Management is a trained and authorized installer for the Trelona Termite Baiting System. Trelona is one of the world’s best termite management options.

Environmentally friendly, family safe termite protection. Trelona utilizes closed and locked stations with a termite bait that is environmentally safe. Trelona termite bait is a product that actually eliminates the entire termite colony and does so without harming the environment and is safe for you, your family and pets.

Trelona’s unique baiting system actually eliminates termite colonies from your property, without the need for toxic chemicals.

Trelona Termite Baiting System is used in many countries, and is made by the same company that makes Termidor, one of the worlds best known and effective termite treatment products.

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