Termite Detection Radar

Termite Detection Radar



We have finally got our hands on the coveted Termatrac T3I Termite detection radar.

Comprising of a Termite Detection Radar, Remote Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor.

Termite Detection Radar

The T3I is one of the best termite inspection tools available and has the price tag to go with it. We have waited a long time to have one in our inspection kit and finally we can take things up a notch.

The best thing about the T3I Termatrac is the ability to detect movement inside the wall, floor, roof or wherever we might think termites are active. Where we would normally have to cut a hole in the wall or gouge timber we can now use the Termatrac radar detection to basically see movement inside the cavity or in the timber.

We have been using the Termatrac as part of out Termite Inspections to pick up termites running around inside walls and also to confirm when our treatments have eradicated the problem. All the readings can be put into a nice PDF report to show where termites are, how active they are and to show when movement has ceased after a termite eradication treatment.

Features and Benefits of the Termatrac T3I

Termite Detection Radar

  • Radar signals specially calibrated to identify and confirm the presence of termites.
  • Detect termites through timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board or drywall, plastic, plusmany other common building materials (Limitations do apply).
  • Specially developed by Termatrac to perform one function; confirm and track the presence of termites.

    T3I Termatrac

    Termatrac T3I

Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide

  • Easily detect termite risk areas by accurately identifying heat sources generated by termites within common building structures.
  • Excellent distance-to-spot ratio for quick area scanning.

Moisture Sensor

  • Easily detect potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture.
  • As easy to use as a traditional Moisture Meter.

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