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Integrated commercial pest servicesCommercial pest control

Our commercial pest control solutions are tailor made for each and every situation. Therefore treatments can be conducted to suit your time & needs. We are flexible, reliable and professional pest control specialists. Servicing Scenic Rim, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Logan areas.

We meet all your OH&S and quality assurance requirements. As a result our commercial pest control services meet requirements for HACCP, medical centers and food handling facilities, as well as warehouses, motels, restaurants, cafes and large facilities.

We offer these great services to our clients

  • Direct contact with the business owner.
  • friendly customer service and knowledgeable staff
  • High level of Quality assurance and a focus on safety
  • Safe effective products certified for food premises
  • Onsite reporting and ongoing programmed service
  • Free pest control audit for your business 
  • Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants & fleas
  • Fixed rodent station monitoring schedules
  • Timber pest management (termites, borers & fungal decay)
  • Mosquitoes, flies, midges and drain fly
  • Bird management
  • Bed Bugs (ask about our bed bug monitors) 
  • Complete commercial pest control solutions

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Integrated Pest Management

Whatever the situation our Pest control technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to protect your premises and structures from disease transition carried by pests such as cockroaches & rodents. The concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to commercial pest control, which consists of three main techniques:

Sealing cracks & crevices to limit the number of harborages and access points.

Stored foods should be kept in tightly closed containers.

A qualified technician applies an appropriate insecticide formulation to areas of concerned. A variety of techniques are suitable for different  locations: spraying, dusting, baiting, fogging & trapping.
With a combination of all three applications it provides the safest & most effective means of dealing with your pest problems.

Peace of mind

We have in depth knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of pest control regulations, legislation and necessary documentation.
You can finally stop worrying about your pest problems.

Discretion and Flexibility

We are well aware that you don’t want the world to know they have a pest infestation. We guarantee discretion and a professional approach.
Especially relevant to businesses is that our services are often carried out before or after hours or in quiet times. We are flexible and can tailor services to suit your business.

Pest Control Audit

A business with a pest problem at the very least will get complaints from customers and employees. Most of all it could be much worse, ending in fines from regulatory bodies, to severe loss of business.  Pest control in commercial premises is a long term commitment. Pests can thrive in any environment where there is water, food and warmth. So have us attend your business to give a free pest control audit. We will identify any pest problems or potential for pest problems and give advise on the best service for your business.

Most of all, we are serious about offering friendly, dependable and prompt service.

Call us to safely take care of your business 1300858991



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