Chemical Termite Treatments

Angry TermiteScenic Rim Pest Management is trained to provide Chemical termite protection to your home using the best products on the market and in accordance with Australian Standards.

Treatment of termites often requires the use of liquid, powder or foam products to help eliminate live termites from your property and provide long lasting protection of your home. These products are known as Termiticides and are designed to be safe for use around the home.

How does it work?

Chemical termite treatments work to keep termites out of your house by killing active termites trying to entering your home and also creating a protective barrier around the perimeter of the building. Depending on the product used, the termite barrier has the potential to kill the whole termite colony.


Any termite treatment is a very involved process. A thorough inspection of the home is required so the correct recommendations can be made for your home. Every home is constructed differently and what works for one home may not work for another. Even if you have found termites in the home, the rest of the property needs to be checked to ensure no other areas are effected.


If termites are located in or around the home, they must be eliminated by an approved product such as Termidor powder or Termiticide foam in workings or nests. This service has the potential to kill the entire termite colony.


With a chemical termite treatment, the soil around the perimeter of the building is treated with Termiticide. In garden or soil areas, the soil is removed down to the footing. The footing is treated and the soil is back-filled whilst treating the soil. Concrete or fixed paving areas must be either cut away from the building perimeter or holes are drill every 150mm – 200mm along the perimeter and injected with Termiticide. The holes are then plugged.

Houses that are on stumps or elevated on a brick perimeter, must be treated in the same way. Soil around each post is removed. The soil is then treated and back-filled. Timber stumps are also test drilled for hollow areas. An elevated house with a brick perimeter must have the same treatment carried out on both sides of the brick wall.

Accurate and Professional

Flow meter

A flow meter to regulate chemical usage

We get it right.  At Scenic Rim Pest Management we use a flow meter to disperse the liquid Termiticide. What this allows us to do is regulate exactly how much chemical we are using and where. Other companies fill their chemical tank at the start of the treatment and guess how much chemical they are spraying by running back to the truck every now and then to check the tank level. This is inefficient and unprofessional.

There are strict rules regarding the rate of chemical that is to be applied to the soil and under the concrete. Products need to be applied consistently for adequate protection. Using a flow meter we get it right every time and you don’t get short-changed by inconsistent dodgy guess work

Trusted Warranty

In addition to our own company warranty, after a complete termite barrier is installed, we are also able to offer Timbersecure $100,000 termite damage insurance. Click here for more details. Like all termite treatments a yearly inspection is required to maintain the warranty.

Some products we use such as Termidor & Ultrathor also offer their own warranties. Ask us for more information.

The Environment

The products used to carry out Termite management systems these days are designed to stick to soil and not leech. This is good for the environment as the product stays where you put it. There was a movement away from certain types of Chemicals in the past due to concerns of chemicals leaching into other areas. Many of these chemicals are now banned or highly regulated. There has been many advances with Termiticide products since then and products are now much safer.

There is evidence from BASF (the company that makes Termidor) that even after flooding in Northern regions of Australia the Termidor product was still present in the soil around homes that had Termidor treatments carried out.


If you have concerns about termites around your home or would like to ask a question, please call us on.






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